We are not your ordinary casting company  

For over 10 years, DSCasting has been a pioneer and innovator of documentary-style casting and real people casting before it was the popular style it is today. DSCasting was on the front lines in the award-winning inaugural bilingual campaigns which introduced this style of advertising, and have remained front and center helping to shape its growth. Our unique documentary-style casting is praised internationally for both English and Spanish markets and has earned us our reputation as a leader in our field.

We are people detectives.  We do not use databases or pre-existing sources, as we don't believe in the authenticity of formula.  For every job, we dive into the field and conduct heavy research to find subjects that are unique, honest, refreshing yet shine on-camera. 

We understand the difference between "real-people" and actors, and we bring the appropriate amount of respect and sensitivity to every job and every interaction. We work closely with our subjects, building relationships and developing a sense of comfortability, trust and openness which carries through the shoot and onto the screen. 

We recognize that every job is different, which is why we always personalize our process - and redesign our entire methodology to better suit the goals, budgets and specificity of the project. 

Our bilingual services include:  initial campaign development and strategy, intensive research, stellar street casting, facilitating elevated interview sessions, talent liaison, field producing, on-set coordination and talent direction.

DSCasting works with award-winning directors, (Oscar, Emmy, Clio, etc.) agencies, production companies, and major international brands including Google, Ford, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Bank of America, Volkswagen, and more. 

Based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, our team of dedicated and passionate casting directors, researchers and associates specialize in discovering the authentic globally.