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We are looking for diverse, mobile, dynamic, energetic, and interesting people who RELY ON LAPTOPS who fit the following:

UNIQUE STUDENTS: 18-30yrs old, who are currently in school (College, Grad School, or Non-Traditional School)  **No science/No engineering students**

o Ideal candidates rely on LAPTOPS that allow them to work/study on the go

o They are pursuing unique, interesting projects in their studies and passions and they rely on their portable computers to get the job done

UNIQUE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: 23-33yrs old, Mobile and interesting careers **No science/No engineering careers**

o Ideal candidates rely on LAPTOPS that allow them to work/create on the go

- Examples include:
• Foreign Language interpreters who work and travel all over the world
• Talent/musical agents 
• Celebrity Publicists/assistants 
• People who work at museums/assistant curators/museum managers

TO BE CONSIDERED for this project, or you want to nominate somebody, please follow this link and fill out the form below ASAP:…/1FAIpQLSdVINW0YZmFIyz-7t…/viewform


We’re looking for altruistic developers and problem solvers who have made a positive impact using Google tools and platforms!

What does that mean? We’re looking for problem solvers, inventors, makers, doers who build on Google tools and platforms to make a difference in the world around them. They have identified a problem and used Google technology to create a solution. Our ideal candidates are not businesses or for-profit entities, but rather individuals making a difference.

We’re especially interested in stories of developers who are based in smaller cities and smaller towns all around the world - and not located in major cities or tech hubs.

The goal is to feature a variety of these amazing developers in a series of short films which will be released throughout 2019. For those selected, there will be monetary compensation offered plus incredible exposure.

If you're interested in being considered for this project, or you want to recommend somebody, please submit information on this Google Form:

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