We are looking for interesting, friendly and diverse people around the world who fit the following:

• CREATIVE AND AMBITIOUS TEAMS: (4-5ppl, ages 21-35) CREATING AMAZING VISUAL THINGS - Collaborative, diverse small teams who currently use Microsoft Office or Office 365 who are ambitious and audacious in their desire to do great things - make great products, create great technology, collaborate on great art. Looking for small to medium sized businesses AND groups of college/grad students!

               *To Qualify, teams must:

    • Design in 3D modeling programs
    • Communicate remotely in real time from different locations through text, video chat, shared docs, etc
    • Create presentations and/or products that are visually beautiful to look at

• ON-THE-GO CREATIVE AND PASSIONATE DOERS: 21-33 year olds who work in a field where fashion/style/design is important. The computer is a big part of their life. They do presentations, write, research, stream music and movies. They travel, are curious, probably have a side gig or passion. 

               *Examples: Bloggers [Music, Fashion, Style, Entertainment], Works for a fashion house or in                        publishing, Interior Decorator, Stylist, Celebrity Assistant, Special Event  Management, TV                          Show Runners, Retail Buyer, Publicist, Set Designer

• COLLEGE, GRADUATE STUDENT OR RECENT GRADS: 21-30 year olds who need a versatile computer for both school and their side project/passion/business idea/non-profit idea/side hustle.  They are scrappy & resourceful and need to create visual presentations to get their idea across.  Looking for PC users as well as current/former MAC users!  

               *Examples:  Fashion/Interior/Product Design Students, Costume Makers, Film Directors,                             Innovative Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Inventors, Cartoonists, Creative Visual Writers,  Designers

In order to be considered, please email us ASAP at with ALL of the requested info:

• 2-3 labeled pictures of yourself (+ pics of your work if it applies)

• Contact Info (Include: Cell phone, website, links to work, Skype name)

• Where you live

• Description/bio of who you are: Tell us your story. Paint us the picture of who you are, what you do, what you are passionate about and why. 

• Do you use a Mac or PC? Or both? Laptop, desktop, tablet? Are you open to liking whichever brand you don’t currently use?

• Plz list ALL software programs and/or apps that you use to do the amazing things that you do!

• Do you use a stylus pen for what you do? If so, what do you use it for?

• How old are you?

Thank you!



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