We are working on a photo project for the US Census!

Represent your community and earn $100!

Artist Michael Jones will be photographing over 200 portraits that capture the broad range of diversity in America. These portraits will be used by the US Census Bureau Regional Offices to promote and encourage participation in the 2020 Census.

We are seeking subjects of ALL ethnicities and ALL cultures, including children, the elderly, families, students, veterans, the differently abled, LGBTQIA+, people experiencing homelessness, employed and unemployed – people from all communities and all backgrounds who represent the faces of the Greater LA Area.

That's right - babies, grandparents, and everyone in between! Even whole families together! People who are selected to be photographed will be paid for their time, but most importantly, will have a chance to represent their community.

We are gathering photos of applicants and basic contact info so that they could be considered for the portrait session, which would happen at some point from July 3rd-13th. Those that are selected for this portrait session will be paid $100 each for a one hour photography session that will happen near them in Los Angeles.

We would be open to meeting large groups of people in person.

To be considered for this project, please email the following info to:

1. Please submit a photo where your face is easily recognizable
2. Name (First & Last)
3. Age
4. Referring Agency/Organization (where did you hear about us?)
5. Your Location (City, Zip Code)
6. Phone Number
7. Email Address
8. Photo shoot will last approximately one hour. When are you available to attend? (Mon-Fri daytime, Mon-Fri evenings, Weekend days, Weekend evenings)
9. Are you available for a one hour shoot during the dates of July 3rd-13th?
10. Any other info about you that would be useful to know?
11. Are you now or have you ever been an actor?

Now Casting Real People GLOBALLY:

We want to hear your story!

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